There Has Never Been An Easier Time to Succeed in Human History

Now is the time to go all in your dreams. Why? Because everyone else is afraid.

The competition is low, the opportunities are abundant, and everyone is so distracted, outraged, and frazzled that a little bit of focus can help you separate from the pack.

People keep telling me, “Ayo, you should care.”

About what?

Humans have an ‘availability heuristic’ meaning they only care about what’s apparent and in front of their faces.

“Racism and brutality are at an all-time high.” Fun fact — the slave trade is alive and well today.

Slavery hasn’t been abolished in many parts of the world. As you sit here reading this article, some warlord in an African country is killing, raping, and kidnapping a bunch of people. But you don’t care.

America is, without question, the best country in the entire world. Flawed? Absolutely. Rife with corruption? Of course. Filled with evil from the top-down? Hell yeah.

But this is true of every country. And few countries have the same level of opportunity in the U.S.

Everyone comes here for a reason.

Do you know what my immigrant father said yesterday when he called me?

We didn’t have an hour-long conversation about systemic racism. He said, “Happy 4th of July Ayo, I love you.”

I’ve talked about this before — my parents never had these long-talks about race with me.

They talked to me about being successful, having standards and expectations for myself, and doing better than they did in the hopes that I create a new generation that will do better than I did.

This sentiment has been lost on many people. They want to go backward. It’s almost as if people want to time travel back to worse times. Why are they doing this? The answer is pretty simple.

We live in the most abundant times in human history, yet people are still unhappy. Looking in the mirror is tough, so you have to create scapegoats. The media will swoop in and give you enough material to last a lifetime.

People latch on, get brainwashed, and spend the rest of their life in a mental prison. With current events, this is accelerating at an extreme pace. Many people in society are becoming political mascots, ideological robots, zombies.

On a collective level, I’m pessimistic about the state of society, but I’m extremely optimistic about the individual. I’m optimistic about you.

Here’s the new gameplan. For the rest of 2020 and into the future, I’m going to focus on doing everything I can to show you the way out, regardless of what you look like or where you come from.

I’m going to do a better job of documenting exactly what I’m doing so you can follow in my footsteps. I’ll go behind the scenes and give you an in-depth look at how I work — from my writing process to the creation of my videos, my income streams, and more.

The voting booth will be there for you in November. Exercise your power there. Between now and then, though, let’s get to work while everyone else is distracted.

Financially, physically, mentally, and spiritually, I have improved my life during 2020. 2020 has been the best professional year of my life and I feel zero guilt over it.

You can and should work for your own success and feel zero guilt over it, too.

Where in the moral guidebook does it say you have to be miserable and cease all productive activity to care about society?

Don’t fall for the martyr game. It ends up with you broke and sad while your overlords laugh all the way to the bank.

Play the winners game. If wealthy people own assets, why don’t you own assets? Nobody is blocking you from starting a business.

Nobody is blocking you from investing in the stock market, starting a YouTube channel, renting a power washer and charging people $200 a pop to clean their decks, flipping items on craigslist, starting an affiliate marketing blog with just $5/month for web hosting, running an e-commerce store, freelancing, starting a personal training business, hell, there are even people who start businesses based on meditation — they’re charging people to breathe oxygen.

Stop with this narrative of oppression and sadness. It’s bullshit. Deep down, you know it is, too. Look, I get it. Transforming your life is hard. It takes time. It took me five years. But what do you want to spend the next few years of your life doing?

Do you want to continue to participate in the rapidly degrading discourse of our society?

Do you really think things are going to get better from us shouting at each other? Really? Really?

I used to say just focus on yourself, but I realized there can be a happy medium. You can fight for a better society and fight for yourself at the same time. The key here — do it with less emotion, specifically rage.

You can spend your day just like this. You wake up, work on your side business for an hour before you to go work, go to work, work on your business during lunch a little bit more, finish work, hit the gym, go home, spend time with your family and friends, read some articles about current events, ponder the issues you care about, and be well-prepared to vote from the top of the ballot down to the very bottom. Informed and self-improved at the same time.

That’s an option, right?

I’m paying attention. Part of the reason I want to accumulate resources is so that I’m able to have a direct impact on people who need help.

Since I have ownership and flexibility over my time, I can drop what I’m doing to help a good cause. I freed myself first.

You want to be free. And, trust me, you want your freedom now more than ever.

You can live in the eye of the storm of our society and win. I’m doing it. I know several others doing it.

And with patience and just a slightly above average level of focus, you can do it, too.

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