There are two types of people in life. People who see success and get inspired and people who see success and get jealous.

Ever since I can remember, even at a very young age, I always identified with successful people.

The idea that you’d want anything less than achieving similar goals to people you look up to makes no sense to me.

You know what I see a lot of in these comments? Fear.

I won’t even look at the profiles of the negative people below, nor will I reply to any negativity on this comment (life tip — ignore losers, don’t even block them, just ignore them. It infuriates them), but I can tell you for sure that 100% of people who comment negatively haven’t put in the work to be successful. Even the ones who think they have, have done so in a self-serving way where they don’t iterate or respond to audience needs. The type of people who write blog post titles like “On My Trip to Cleveland” as if someone would give a flying fuck about that.

Some of you people just want to be losers so bad and I don’t understand it. Is becoming successful on Medium hard? I don’t know, is it? For so many people who claim to have all these dreams of being a writer, you sure don’t seem to back it up by actually writing.

Step your game up.

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