The Simple Secret to Making Money Online (No Special Talented Required)

You only need to do one thing, seriously

Those ads get you so excited, don’t they?

“Make six-figures in six months!”

“Learn how to build a 7 figure e-commerce store”

“Grow your YouTube channel to 100k and monetize it!”

On the one hand, you picture yourself being successful. The sales copy is so good and gets you hyped up. On the other hand, you think it’s BS. That’s the place most people who are curious about making money online find themselves in — extremely curious and skeptical at the same time.

When it comes to products like these that teach you how to make money online, most of them are telling the truth. I’ve taken many programs like these and pretty much all of them have been good, but they all depend on your effort level.

Most of these courses create a few anomalous students — the ones they use on the testimonials section of their sales page.

I just started a new online course learning how to grow on YouTube and I’ve seen testimonials from the Wall of Fame — people who’ve exploded their channels to 100k plus, even millions. Some have built 7 figure businesses from their channels.

I’ll be on the wall of fame, one hundred percent guaranteed, because I know the secret.

So, what is it?

I can’t guarantee you’ll get specific outcomes, but I guarantee, on a long-enough time scale, if you take this secret to heart and use it, you’ll build a successful online business or grow on one of these platforms.

Are you ready for it?

The secret to building a successful online business is following directions. Not grit, not hustle, not passion. If you were to take one of the various pieces of training about business seriously and do every single step without skipping one, you’d be successful.

That’s it.

Attrition rates for online courses are high, meaning that most people don’t finish them. I make six-figures online simply because I bought online courses, got coaches, and did what they said.

You have to cultivate the ability to suspend your judgment.

The promises do sound too good to be true. Some of the steps in these programs do seem unnecessary but do all of them.

I just dove into the new course yesterday. It has a bunch of worksheets, checklists, spreadsheets, and other tools to help you research how to find the right ideas for videos.

This is how you succeed in online business.

You frontload the work — gather up the important research items you need to know and nothing more so you can put yourself on the trajectory to grow your platform and make money.

Then, after you have a basic idea of what to do, you do it. It’s simply a matter of going all-in on your chosen business and platform until you figure out how to make money from it.

If you stick with the progress long enough, you experience the advantages of online business that I always talk about:

  • Exponential growth — the YouTuber I bought the course from went from 300k to 400k subscribers in a fraction of the time that it took to get from 0 to 300k. On my Medium channel, I get 10x the views I got years ago, but I put in the same level of effort as I did in the past. Focus until you reach your tipping point
  • Confidence — Once you build one platform to the point where it runs almost on auto-pilot, you can branch out and build the other sections of your business that can help you build real wealth. Since I have one consistent income stream, I’m building and expanding others. I don’t have to wonder whether or not they’ll work because I’ve been through the process before.
  • Flexibility — The more money you have and the bigger your platform, the more opportunities you have to make smart money moves. Take this recession for example. I’m not rich right now, but I plan to be the next time a recession hits. People with big pockets can buy tons of assets in times like these because they have money they can play with. Then, you have the time component. You build your side-hustle on top of your 9 to 5 in a time-constrained way. Once you go full time, you have more time to pursue different strategies.

I have seen people succeed in every online niche. Every online niche has been ‘pronounced dead.’ I remember reading articles back in 2015 about how blogging had died…just when I started blogging. SEO has been claimed dead even though Google still exists — can’t wrap my head around that logic at all.

People have pronounced Medium dead for new aspiring writers because the platform is too saturated, but here you have people like Sinem Günel exploding to her first four-figure month on the platform….last month. Good thing she didn’t listen to the people who said it was too late. Is her story an anomaly? Sure.

But here’s the thing about anomalies — time tends to increase your chances of becoming one. Yes, some people just pop and have a much faster growth rate. But persistence pays off even if you’re not one of those people. I remember when Shannon Ashley hit the scene and grew extremely fast, much faster than I did when I started. I was happy for her. I’m happy for all of my Medium friends — pretty much all of whom started after me.

See, that’s the one thing you might not realize about my story. I never had any viral hits that made my career skyrocket. For years, I was a ‘base hitter.’ I’d write my posts and my views were consistent, never anything crazy though.

The difference between me and most others?

I was willing to hover at the same amount of views for multiple years while most aspiring writers give up after they write 3 articles and none get curated — I’m referencing a true story.

People complain about the partner program and I wrote on Medium for free, years before it came out.

Why? Because I understand one fundamental truth about online business or any creative career in general.

Platforms come and go. Skills, knowledge, and experience stay. As much as Medium folding out of nowhere would crush my soul, I’d have another move, or 7, ready to go.

When you focus long and hard on building an online business you understand that money is everywhere.

You can get it all sorts of ways, but remember, the secret is sticking to one of those ways long enough to make it happen.

Seriously, that’s the only thing in your way.

Grab your free checklist here The Ultimate Guide to Discovering Your Natural Talents and Strengths. Wanna keep in touch online? Follow me on Instagram here.

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