The Most Important Concept to Embrace in 2020 and Beyond

I’ve been thinking about this concept quite a bit.

I’ve been thinking about how it applies to individuals, groups, and society at large.

If you master this, you can master life. If you lack the right type of this, and your life can spiral out of control.

People can sense this about you. You can sense it in other people.

What you're not always so great about is cultivating the right type and level of this in yourself.

“Ok, riddler…what the hell are you talking about?”

Energy. More than just a word. It’s a concept that can be seen and used in many different ways. Overall, though, I want you to start thinking about the type of energy you emit into the world and onto other people. Why? Because that energy bounces right back at you.

I suspect that at some metaphysical level the idea of having an “aura” is accurate. Some people claim they can see them — debatable. But you can certainly feel them.

Think of the type of energy someone has who walks into a room and commands attention. Or think of a negative and toxic person. It’s not just that they exhibit off-putting facial expressions, bad posture, tone of voice, etc. You can damn near see a dark cloud swirling around them. The opposite is also true — some people have a radiant vibe and you perk up by just being around them.

We’re all playing this game on the surface. But deep down, we can smell each other. That’s why it’s better to just work on yourself, try to develop real self-esteem, and genuinely try to have a bright outlook on life. You can only fool people for so long.

Not only can they get a sense of your vibe by subconsciously scanning all your little ticks and micro-expressions, but they can also feel your vibe. All of your intentions come across in your energy.

Hell, they even come across on a computer screen. Often, people will tell me it feels like I’m being honest with them in my writing. Good writers know that words themselves are meaningless. The feelings behind the words matter. The feelings, the energy, behind everything matters more than the content of whatever it is what you’re doing.

So, instead of trying to skip past people’s B.S. detectors. Work on your intentions and work on your energy.


Get rid of your agenda and work on your neediness. Success is like a cat. If you immediately try to pet the cat it will run away from you. But if you just chill and do your own thing, the cat will come to you eventually.

Stop being desperate.

I get a lot of emails from people who “want my help.” 99 percent of them turn me off. I can feel that time-sucking energy coming from them. They don’t want to offer me any value and all the want to do is take.

But, every once in awhile, I come across someone who gives me the sense that they’ve already been working on themselves to a degree and truly want a little bit of advice that they’ll actually execute. I’ll always help this type of person.

If you want to level up in life just start working on yourself first and you’ll become attractive. People will want to help you. Opportunities will come to you. Actually, the less you need the opportunities to happen the more they’ll come to you.

I used to pitch top tier publications and they’d reject me. Fast forward five years after I’ve been relentlessly practicing and putting my work out there, the same exact publications come to me and ask for my permission to republish my work.

Because I don’t need them to give me that big break anymore, they just give it to me. This counterintuitive fact of life is so hard to fully grasp and implement but it’s the key to everything.

When you work on yourself and just develop this air about you that, while you’d love to have a person or opportunity come into your life, you’re so busy working on yourself that you have a real take or leave it attitude, everything comes to you.

You want to have that “I’m going places” vibe. People will follow you and want to help you. There’s this one writer, Itxy Lopez. She just has a good vibe. I want to help her because I highly doubt she’ll quit. Actually, please follow her right now to help get her to 1k. She works really hard.

This fellow Jaymie Gill has a good vibe too. He shared an article with me and by reading it, I could tell he’s actually read my stuff and implemented the advice. The weird thing? I didn’t have to read the article itself first to know that he had implemented the advice. The vibe he gave off helped me intuitively understand that before reading a word. That’s how this all works.

The work you do while no one is paying attention creates the undeniable vibe.

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In a blog post I wrote and a video I shot, I talked about the concept of energy management. Being productive is a matter of doing things that help you sustain high energy levels and also doing the most important things when you have said energy levels.

For example, I do my best work in the mornings because my energy tank is full in the morning:

  • My literal energy level is at it’s highest. My level of alertness. I’m not tired.
  • My vibe-like energy hasn’t been messed with yet. No petty annoyances, bad news, or time-sucks have drained me or lowered my emotional state yet.
  • I create a protective bubble around that time to maintain the energy to do it over and over again long-term.

This kind commenter put together a great synopsis of the entire post, actually:

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courtesy of Ryan Amaral

So doing all of these practices not only helps you become more productive, it changes the type of energy I talked about in the previous point — your disposition.

I can’t overstate how important your dispositional energy is. That’s why you should come at the process of cultivating it from many different angles.

This last point ties everything together. On top of working on yourself to produce dispositional energy and managing your energy levels to be productive, you must get this next part right or all the work you’ve done will fall apart.

Be very, very, very conscious of both the energy in the world, the zeitgeist to speak, and the energy of other people. You don’t want too many negative energy fields to collide into yours. Why? Because some forms of energy are too toxic to even try to deal with — think a glass of water with one drop of poison in it…doesn’t matter that it’s 99 percent pure.

This is why I tell people to stop watching the news. I don’t think people quite understand how deep the propaganda and emotional string-pulling runs. Nor do I think they understand how dark of a place the propaganda is coming from.

I have a zero-tolerance policy on toxic people. What do all tragic stories usually have in common? The befallen senses the toxicity in the betrayer all along but overlooks it. Don’t do this.

When you practice observing other people, you’ll understand a few things:

  • The actual content of what they say almost never matters. How they’re saying it does. Why they’re saying it does. The way it makes you feel does.
  • Behavior is more telling than words as well. Watch what people do versus what they say. When you notice just how often there’s a mismatch, you’ll develop a better read on people overall.
  • Over time you can develop better intuition about other people and you can trust it. You’ll almost see their aura and whether or not you should let them into your life as well as how close

As far as the energy of society goes. Let’s just say I’m not optimistic on the whole. If I were you, I’d operate in the pockets of society that have good, healthy, productive, and optimistic energy.

Damn, I’m sounding pretty esoteric, pretentious, woo woo, and weird here, but stick with me because saying it this way illustrates it best.

There was a point in time where the energy fields were pretty stable — when families could live off a single income, when we all trusted Walter Cronkite, when the way people operated had even a semblance of objectivity to it. Those times are over. A good chunk of people are totally lost, off the rails, and there’s no saving them. Radioactive. Avoid.

You know the type of people I’m talking about.

And you know the type of energy I’m talking about.

I wish the world could be saved, but it can’t. Individuals can, though — one at a time. I’m here to provide you with the right energy. I’m just reflecting back to you the things you already know and feel deeply. Trust those feelings, cultivate that energy, and let the noise on the outside stay just that, noise.

Do your thing and the universe will act in kind. I promise.

Ayodeji is the author of You 2.0 — Stop Feeling Stuck, Reinvent Yourself, and Become a Brand New You. Want a free copy of my first book? Get it here.

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