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The 10x Rule: The Simple Secret to Achieving 1000% Better Results

You try.

The 10x Rule Explained

Grant Cardone, entrepreneur, and author wrote the book The 10x Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure.

  • 10x goals stretch your thinking and actions — The common wisdom is aiming high leads to disappointment, but this thinking is rooted in fear. Setting 10x goals and multiplying your effort 10x requires a transformation, which is what we all really want in the first place. The higher the potential payoff, the less likely you are to quit when things get tough.
  • Don’t reduce your target, increase action — What’s the first thing we do when stumbling toward a goal? We lower it. Instead, why not ramp up your effort? If we’re honest in these situations we’d see we’re nowhere near our effort ceiling.

Why Reaching for the Stars is Safer Than Staying on the Ground

There’s a quote from Warren Buffet that says, “When the tide comes in you’ll see who’s swimming naked.”

  • Many are living paycheck to paycheck and have no savings.
  • The average household has piles of debt (would you survive a repeat of 2008?)
  • Most businesses fail because they underestimate how much cash they’ll need to survive lean times
  • Almost all people with ‘revolutionary’ ideas severely underestimate how much effort it will take to execute those ideas

Massive Action = Massive Results

In the book, Grant tells the story of running one of his first businesses. He expected to do reasonably well. He wasn’t unrealistic. It would take time to earn as much through his business as he did from his former day job. He estimated he’d get back to that amount in 6 months. It turns out it would actually take years before he reached the same level of income.

The 4 Levels of Action

According to the author, we all operate at one of four levels of action:

  • Retreat — When faced with any form of resistance we back down immediately. People in retreat mode fear even beginning the journey of massive accomplishment.
  • Normal levels of action — You go to work and do just enough to not get fired.
  • Massive action — You mentally and physically go all in.

Stop Being a Little Bitch

In the audio version of the book, the author on-the-spot renames one of the chapters, “stop being a little bitch” as opposed to “stop being a victim.”

An Unusual and Extremely Useful Way to Look at Success

“Do kids benefit when they see their moms and dads losing or quitting?”

This section of the book struck me as something I’ve never heard before.

Adopt This Attitude

“Think about it: What’s the worst thing that can happen to you if you just totally go for it?”

I entered a competition against 23 other speakers for a chance to give a talk at a TEDx conference. I’d been in a Toastmasters club for less than six months. I had no reason to believe they’d chose me. But I figured, “Why not? The worse thing that could happen is they say no. That’s it.”

10X The Quality of Your Life

I never seek to judge. I’m not the type to admonish anyone for how they live. My goal is to get you to think for yourself and make observations that help you change.

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