So, what we have here is a second or even third-hand account. No actual quote is provided here. Let’s look at the word trickery with this sentence as well “she has rejected LGBTQ writers in advance, based on their writing in other publications” Look how he tries to tie the identity of the person with the content. They could have written about anything, but combining them into the same sentences makes it appear as if Nicole rejected pieces based on LGBTQ content and not a variety of other non-suitable pieces of content that happen to be written by an LGBTQ person. Doesn’t pass the sniff test. Where is the evidence? Publishous is primarily a self-improvement publication. Let’s say I decided to write an article about my niche — self-help — into a publication that was focused on something like computer programming. I’d get rejected. It’s as simple as showing some of the story submissions in question for us to make a judgment — Reluctance to do so is suspicious.

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