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Small Habits You Can Use to Transform Your Life

Ayodeji Awosika
5 min readMar 2, 2022


I’m going to share three habits that have been covered to death already.

But I’m going to share them with you in, hopefully, a unique enough way that you’re compelled to actually adopt these habits and take them beyond the level I see most people use them.

Too much of the self-improvement space has become the glorification of tactics, habits, and strategies, rather than, you know, getting great outcomes.

Most billionaires read a lot, but there are also people who read a lot that do nothing with the information.

There are people who have the most amazing morning routine in the world, but they haven’t gone past the step of having a ‘miracle morning,’ which is to create miracles in their own life.

I use a bunch of different habits, strategies, and routines as a means to my end goals — becoming a better writer, growing my business, being able to emotionally regulate myself long enough to achieve those outcomes, etc.

So before we dive into the habits themselves, keep that in mind.

Your habits are to facilitate a goal, not to be Mr. or Mrs. Habit.

Your habits are a means to an end, not the ends themselves.

Habits are helpful in the pursuit of success, but they don’t cause success — billionaires read books, but reading books won’t make you a billionaire.

Get it? Got it? Good.

The Habit that Sprouted the Seeds to Amazing Ideas

I actually stole part of this routine from the famous James Altucher.

I use his “10 ideas routine” as a part of a bigger journaling routine that has helped me achieve huge goals, come up with ideas for amazing products, and stay sane in the process of trying to do all the above.

Synopsis of the 10 ideas routine: write down 10 brand new ideas every single day about anything you want. I usually write down 10 ideas for articles, books, videos, etc. — things in my creative career.

As James explains, this builds your idea muscle which makes you more creative. More creativity makes idea execution easier because you have more good ideas.



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