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Keep Calm and Create: How to Manage Stress and Be Productive

If you’re going to be stuck in the house for a while, won’t be traveling, might save an hour or two of time because you don’t have to commute, etc, you should have little to no excuses for not getting your creative work done.

Now is the time to start furiously putting out content. Buckle down and decide that this is the moment where you’re going to stop BSing with your craft and build momentum.

I’m not making light of our situation right now, at all. I’m being serious about the fact that you’re probably going to be in situations where you won’t have access to many ‘fun’ activities, the number of errands you’ll run will be reduced, and a bunch of non-essential activities are going to be cut out of your life.

Why not make the best of this time and put an emphasis on your creative work?

With more people sitting at home with nothing to do, hours of Netflix watched will surely increase, but so will activities like reading. If you’re a writer, now is the time to put your work in front of people.

Your art can serve as entertainment, education, and/or inspiration to people who need high doses of all three right now. People look for save havens when the world spins out of control.

Give them something to do aside from freaking about and constantly refreshing their social media feeds.

As a self-improvement writer, I feel there’s no better time to talk about my subject matter. I constantly talk about how people succumb to the ‘sky is falling’ narrative instead of focusing on the things they can control. Gotta practice what I preach, right? Right.

Whatever your medium or message may be, focus heavily on sharing it with people to counteract the feelings they’re having now.

If you put out humorous content, you’re in prime position — laughter is the best medicine. Fiction writers? Perfect. People are looking for an escape. Run a financial planning YouTube channel? People are worried about their portfolios. Have a cooking blog? People love eating to deal with stress. Run a fitness Instagram page? Create a new series about at-home workouts.

I could go on here, but almost all creative mediums can be adapted to almost all situations.


Keep putting your stuff out there or start putting it out there in a sincere way. Regardless of what happens in the future, this period of focused time could be the catalyst for the rest of your creative career.

Creating is also therapeutic for you, the creator. Maybe you find yourself a little bit stressed right now. What better way to destress than to do something that puts you into a flow state? Why would you cease doing the thing that brings you joy in times of chaos?

Focus on your craft right now, as the world seems to spin faster and faster, and by the time the dust settles, you’ll have an unfathomable level of momentum and creative motivation.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that I’m going to keep doing the same thing I do every day — write the best articles I possibly can, shoot the best videos, and run the best marketing to get the messages in front of the right people.

I’ve always focused on creating to keep myself grounded. And I’ve used stressful situations to birth new creative ventures.

I started my YouTube channel after I separated from my wife. I found myself alone in a new city with a lot more free time on my hands. Instead of sinking into sadness, I found a new outlet to express myself, which has now created an entirely new foundation for my creative business.

If you can make that switch in your brain — that instead of panicking when things go awry, you convert that energy into creativity — you’ll be unstoppable.

Even if you’re not freaked out by this yet, the message still rings true.

Creativity is the cheat code to life.

From a hobbyist level to a paid professional, consistent acts of creation can keep you sane, bring you joy, and teach you more about yourself than any other path or behavior possibly could.

Now is your time to put up or shut up. No excuses. Fewer distractions.

Imagine your creative career 90 days from now. Either you’ll have a bunch of content that you can’t do anything with because you’re in a post-apocalyptic fight for toilet paper and Purel, or you’ll have the traction you’ve always been looking for.


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