If You Can Deal With This Painful Truth, You Stand a Chance at Turning Your Daydreams Into Reality

Ayodeji Awosika


If you’re anything like me, which I’m guessing you are because you’re reading a self-improvement article, you probably daydream more than the average person.

You know you have a ton of potential. That’s why you’re so frustrated. You can clearly and easily see that better version of yourself achieving all the goals and dreams in your mind.

Why is it so hard to become that person in real life? Don’t let the other self-improvement writers fool you — it’s difficult.

Literally difficult? No, you could just begin to execute the behaviors needed for success right now in an instant.

But becoming the ideal version of yourself is extremely psychologically difficult.

But why?

Well, your daydreams are part of the problem. See, daydreams are almost as good as having the real thing — almost. Fantasizing helps you get by in life. If you had to sit with your true reality one hundred percent of the time and had the inability to dream of a better future, you’d go insane or get depressed.

Why do you think we keep ourselves so distracted at all times? Not just with daydreams, but with entertainment, food, drugs and alcohol, whatever. First, it helps mask that mismatch between the reality we want and the reality we have. Second, it keeps us numb enough to avoid doing the one thing that would actually change our lives.

So what is this thing and why do we avoid it if it’s so beneficial? Well, this thing has as much of a downside as it does an upside.

Let me explain.

Imagine right now you somehow manage to muster the motivation that has been evading you for so long. You spend every single day becoming better at that skill, project, or path you’ve always dreamed of.

You never waiver. When obstacles and challenges come your way, you persist. You know it will take time to pull it off, so you’re patient when things don’t go your way initially.

But then, you keep working, you work harder, you work some more. You work so hard that, objectively, you should’ve achieved the goal by now, but you haven’t. Why…



Ayodeji Awosika

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