I haven’t done any research on it. Life experience has taught me that the resistance just isn’t going to go away. The trick I use is to simply get in motion. I usually plan all my writing and outlines over the weekend. So on weekdays — even when I don’t feel like it — I can start writing because I don’t have to *think* about what to write. After I’m typing for about 15 minutes, I usually hit a groove and get into a flow state. Next thing you know a few hours have passed. The flow state is huge for me. I write in total silence with no distractions. If there’s a point I want to add in an article or a source that I don’t have immediately handy, I just leave a place marker like [add source here] and I’ll go back and update missing pieces during editing. So really I try to keep a continuous flow of writing until my brain just gives up, which is usually around 4 hours or so.

Hope that helps!

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