How to Use Self-Improvement As a Tool For Social Justice

My remedy for fighting inequality

Ayodeji Awosika
10 min readJun 2, 2020


I saw a tweet today from a black woman who teaches people how to trade in the stock market. In the tweet, she said part of the reason she shared stock advice with people who look like her is the fact that many of them are felons who can’t find traditional employment. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen someone sharing alternative routes for people who can’t follow conventional ones. I see it damn near every day on this little corner of the internet called Black Money Twitter.

In this corner of the web, you’ll find minority real estate entrepreneurs, e-commerce store owners, personal development teachers, stock traders, craigslist flippers, and a variety of other people who are focused on aspects that move the needle in the life of an individual. I wish people like this got more news coverage and social media clout. It’s a very interesting world filled with a bunch of free-thinking, sovereign, and wealthy minorities.

Rarely will you find random bursts of outrage like the rest of Twitter. You won’t see people complaining about the unfairness of the system. You won’t see messages of learned helplessness dooming entire races and genders to permanent failure. You’ll see people making real moves and explaining how to do the same.

It’s just not Black Money Twitter either. I learn self-improvement tips from people from all walks of life — race, color, gender, sexual orientation. I learned a tax-tip that helped me save $10,000. I walked out of a car dealership seconds before buying a new car after reading a Tweet about staying out of debt. I’ve read tweet threads that taught me more valuable information than my entire stint at college.

I learn new things every day from this pocket of the web that focuses on self-improvement and the advancement of the individual as opposed to the rest of social media — a cesspool of negativity and misplaced outrage, often disguised as social justice.

Some of the themes I’ve seen not just on Black Money Twiter, but self-improvement Twitter as a whole are.

Economic Empowerment

I saw another twet from a black female real estate expert who said she focused on…



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