How to Save Your Own Life When the World Wants You to Fail

Success is still possible even right now

Warren Buffet has a saying “Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful.”

These days, the fear dial has been turned all the way up and, honestly, there’s not much either you or I can do about that.

The past few weeks I’ve entered the cultural debate and I’ve come to realize that the best way for me to help other people is to keep things ‘business as usual.’

Not because I don’t care about the issues, I care deeply, but because I know that helping people on a micro level will make the most impact and create that ripple effect to help improve the lives of others.

Not only that, but you need to pay attention to the shift that’s happening right now to not only save yourself but come out on the right side of history.

So what am I talking about?

Right now, we’re experiencing one of the greatest transfers of wealth in human history. For a certain section of the population, mainly the employed, non-tech savvy, non-entrepreneurial types of people, things will continue to get worse. Why? Because when you fit that demographic, you’re playing society’s game — the top-down structure where a few people have all the power.

I do believe that the oligarchs and the one-percenters are consolidating too much power. But, again, that train has long left the station.

If you want to not just survive, and thrive, in 2020 and beyond, you’ll have to escape the top-down system and come live in my world.

The Machine Won’t Mind a Few Cogs Missing

There’s this parallel universe I live in. I’ve talked about this before, several times, because it’s important. Instead of playing society’s game, you can work on building your own mini-empire. Mini compared to all the wealth and success in the world, but potentially a ton to you.

People have such low self-confidence when it comes to striking out on their own or even switching to a better gig. But when you break things down, you understand success can be a reality to you.

Let’s use the mythical number of 1 million dollars. Something I haven’t achieved yet, but it’s useful for the point. That seems like a ton of money, doesn’t it? The total GDP of the united states is 20.54 trillion dollars. The slice of that pie you’d need to build your own seven-figure empire is a number too small to even calculate.

Now, don’t get me wrong, making a million dollars is hard, requires persistence, and the ability to adapt and implement certain skills, but it’s well within the realm of reality.

Now go even smaller — $100,000 per year doing something you enjoy, saving up that money, building up other little platforms and assets. I sincerely believe this dream is achievable for most people. It might take you a few years, but isn’t a few years of your life worth the rest of it? And, again, don’t you think you’re capable of getting your piece of that $20 trillion?

This isn’t about money either. It’s about getting resources to fuel your freedom and giving yourself out from the ills of the system. You don’t really have a choice these days. Either you’re going to hustle — have a job, side business, investments, etc until you get things to work — or you’re going to let the system beat you down.

It isn’t fair. I’ve seen hard-working, smart, well-intentioned people get sucked into the system and get less what they deserve. The members of society as a whole, get less than what they deserve. I diagnose the same problem, but I have a different solution.

If you’re not getting your adequate piece of the pie, don’t beg for it, just take it.

Now is the Time to Go All In

This is going to sound crazy, but the remainder of 2020, and the years that follow suit, will create the largest level of opportunity for you to level up, build something of your own, and take control of your life.

Take a look at the ‘competition.’ The vast majority of people have given up on trying to get their fair share of the piece. They think they’ll get it by begging for it, but they won’t. In the most abundant time in human history, people are growing sadder, more outraged, and more pretentious. And real tragedies are happening, partly because of the, frankly, satanic energy permeating in society.

This is not going to be pretty for society, but you need to ‘buy when there’s blood in the streets.’ You will be made to feel guilty about trying to improve your life. Brush it off. Let go of the idea that you’re somehow selfish for wanting to win right now. When you win, you can eventually find a way to help others.

Your first priority is yourself because you need to have the mental clarity and resources to help others. Next is your family. After that, it’s your community, tribe, customers. Then, after you get a handle on those areas first, something basically no one does, you can focus on trying to save the world.

  • Content creation — Hell, the first step here is simply become a creator instead of a consumer. Put something out. Maybe you’re a writer. Maybe you do videos from your iPhone. You could start doing stories on social media simply talking about the things you enjoy, things you have knowledge about, things you take for granted that others find compelling.
  • Tech savviness — You can’t use a lack of tech-savviness as an excuse. If you don’t have that skill, you must develop it. There are these websites called Google and YouTube that have all this free information that teaches you how to do literally anything. Start there.
  • Social networking — Real social networking is simple. Find people you admire and respect online. Add your $.02 to their commentary. Some people will pay attention to you, others won’t, but overall sharing your expertise with thoughtful comments goes a long way. Next, your social media profiles should be displaying everything that’s awesome about you at all times. I’ve seen people in a wide range of fields do this, not just ‘social media influencers’

Check out this in-depth list of the Top 10 Career and Business skills for 2020 to get the full picture.

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Find Calm in the Eye of the Storm

As pockets of the world literally burn down to the ground, I’m continuing to live my life and have my most successful year ever. Because I spent a half-decade preparing — learning skills, building assets, saving money, connecting with people, building a tribe, and doing all the above because I enjoy doing them — I was ready for something like this to happen.

Many people are going to realize how much of the societal dream is an illusion. Most will dive into nihilism. A few will take this as a sign to take control over their lives and never get caught off guard again.

Warren Buffet has another saying — “Don’t rely on the kindness of strangers.”

If you won’t look out for you, then who will? Politicians? Really? Really? I’ll look out for you in that I’ll be here consistently, but I can’t make you do anything.

You’re going to have to decide if you want to be in the chaos, the mess, the storm, or in the eye of it all focusing on your own path.

Less news, more older books about the patterns of history, human nature, and persuasion, so you can see what’s coming next. Less macro problem solving, more problem solving on the ground. Freedom fighting is great, keep doing it, but fight for your freedom at the same time.

Go to a protest in the morning and work on your side business in the afternoon. Visit your town hall meeting, speak, but make this a part of your overall productive day. I will be making plenty of moves to help others. I’ll even continue to be a part of the conversation. But I’m going to stay focused at the same time.

I suggest you do the same.

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