How to Reach Maximum ‘Escape Velocity’ to Get Your Dream Off the Ground

Self-help is amazing and it also sucks.

The Only True Antidote to Fear

Fear and self-doubt hate motion. The more you put yourself in motion, the less your brain has a chance to fill your mind with those doubts.

  • Understand how time works — You’ll get better at building the skills you need to pull off a dream by trying to do well on each separate day for consecutive days vs trying to have a great week or a great month or a great year. Get it? I built my writing career one session at a time.
  • Avoid backslides wherever possible — One slip up is fine, but two in a row turns to three, four, five, etc then you end up quitting.

Use This Dark and Negative Lens to Push Yourself Into Action

Continuing on that thought. It’s not as if failing to follow your dreams will ruin your life directly. It won’t. But when you fail to keep the promises you make to yourself you begin to ruin your life in a subtle more indirect way.

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The Simple Recipe for Success

You understand what you need to do during each individual moment to stay productive and you also know what’s headed your way if you never get your dream off the ground. Combine the two concepts and use them together to make your plan.

Trust Me, I Get It

I wish I could sit down and have a talk with each and every one of you. If I had the time, I would. I wish I could coach you one on one for free, in perpetuity. If this were humanly possible I would. I wish you could see what I see.

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