How to Get Your Side Hustle or Project off the Ground(Without Quitting )

I care about you more than almost anyone in the world outside of my family and friends.

Fuel Your Own Fire

I love seeing pictures and videos of successful creators before they got traction. There’s one with Diddy (is that his name right now?) and he’s sitting in a dingy office. He gets off the phone after landing some sort of deal and damn near breaks the receiver with how hard he hangs up. Then he gets up and starts yelling with pride.

Get Better By Getting Over Yourself

I have a masochistic joy when it comes to looking at my old writing. It’s so bad. It feels like another person wrote it. You simply won’t understand how good you can get until you come out on the other side.

I Swear, If You Just Do This, You Will Be Successful

You have to learn how to follow directions. Not the directions minus the hard parts. If you read “the ultimate guide to blogging” and it has 27 steps in the guide, do all 27. Not 26, 25, or 24.

The Grass is Definitely Greener

Like I said before. I care about you. I love you.

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