How to Finally Improve Your Life

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Every week, for the past few years, I send out a Monday motivation email to my list. Here’s a copy of today’s message.

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What decision? Could be framed in many different ways:

  • Enough is enough — This is the frame that worked best for me. I literally yelled out loud in my room that I was tired of being a loser. This wasn’t the week that sparked my writing career, but it was a week that preceded it where I started learning about self-improvement and never stopped.
  • I’m going to start living — You don’t have to use negative emotions as fuel like I did, you could just decide to say “You know what? Screw it. Life is short. Why am I so serious, overanalyzing everything all the time?”
  • I’m going to finally do x — Find a task that you’ve been meaning to knock off your list, something that could be the start of a whole new venture. I’d thought about making a YouTube channel for years. One day, I sat down, opened the webcam on my computer, hit record, started talking, and uploaded the video. I’ve done roughly 150 videos since.

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