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How to Become Wildly Successful in a Short Period of Time

Learn to think about success the right way

Deep down, you know that many of the promises in self-help are BS and that you have a low likelihood of pulling them off, so why do you read articles like this?

Because you still want outcomes to happen. Not only that, but you want them to happen fast.

What if I told you that this headline wasn’t clickbait and that you could achieve a wild amount of success in a short period of time?

You definitely can.

And I won’t make you read to the end of the article to find out my gimmick or trick, I’ll tell you right now.

5 years ago I was:

Fast Forward to now:

Doesn’t five years seem like a pretty short chunk of your life to change the outcomes in your life that much?

If you were to do what I did, which is basically delude yourself into thinking you had a shot at changing your life then doing the work non-stop to get there, you could have similar outcomes.

I openly admit, all the time, that few people will act on my advice. But I write for the small handful that will. I’ve seen people do it so many times that it’s worth writing about every single time.

Here’s your field guide to becoming one of those people.

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The Mindset that Gives you the Best Chance to Pull it Off

You just don’t know.

You can’t know how to pull any of this off upfront. There’s that saying “If I knew everything I’d have to do to get where I am today, I never would’ve started.”

If I were to back in time five years and tell my old self to try and replicate what I’m doing now, I probably would’ve quit too.

You can’t look at someone with years to decades of experience and try to map out how you’d be able to do that. Just can’t. You don’t have enough experience to even try to wrap your head around it, so don’t.

Understand that the person you are right now isn’t the person who’s going to be doing all the amazing stuff in the future. That’s where the delusion comes in. You’ll just have to have blind faith that you’ll become this person, one day, and don’t worry about it until then.

People don’t talk about this often enough. To be successful, you have to calibrate your level of ambition. There is definitely such a thing as being too ambitious, being too positive, and having too few limiting beliefs.

You want to reach a level of aspiration that’s just enough to compel you to do the work, but not so much that anything less than stellar results upfront demotivates you.

At first, I was happy just to get an article published. I didn’t entertain the idea of making money at all until about a year in. I didn’t entertain the idea of making serious money until about two to three years in. Now? I pretty much believe in myself all the way, but still, even I have room left to grow.

When I first started writing, I was naive enough to just keep doing it without questioning myself too much. I didn’t know that most writers failed or that building a blog was super hard or that even the ones who do sort of well didn’t make that much money. I started with blissful ignorance.

Over time, I learned the rules of the game and understood the hoops I’d need to jump through, but by then I already had the right habits.

I know you want to know the answers up front, but you can’t find them out by speculation.

You can run the scenario of how you think it’s going to go 10,000 times and you’ll be wrong every single time. Quit trying to guess exactly what will happen and trust that, in the long run, good things will happen.

You can only learn certain lessons by implementing information. If you structure things the right way, you can make time feel like it’s flying by.

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Go through the periods I talk about often and celebrate as you make it past each checkpoint:

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m going to spend the rest of my life chasing my ambitions, but getting what you want doesn’t make you all that happy. You do get adjusted very fast.

You think getting that outcome will solve your problems and make you feel whole and validated. It won’t. So why do it?

Jim Rohn said it best:

“Success is something you attract by the person you become.”

You can only gain a certain type of understanding about the world by trying to conquer it.

I know things about life at a deep emotional level that most people don’t because I’ve done what most people never do — commit a long period of time to get good at something meaningful.

And again, it’s not that long of a time period. Many of the self-help promises are hyperbole, but only depending on the time scale.

You can start a six-figure business, but it’ll take you closer to six years than six months. You can manage to find a way to quit that crappy job and to what you love, but it will require a series of steps.

And the steps aren’t hard. They’re just time-consuming and tedious. Think of it this way — you’re not achieving those major goals in your life because you’re afraid of tedious tasks.

That’s it. If you can make it through that initial period of incessant tedium that comes with being a beginner, you’re about 80 percent of the way there. It’s the beginning that ruins people, not the whole journey, but people don’t know that because they never make it past the beginning.

So truly, your path to success is even shorter because getting through that initial hump accounts for most of the success.

I know me telling you this won’t automatically force you to act, but it’s true. I hope you hold onto what I’m saying and embrace it as true. Because, if you do, you can create the life of your dreams.

Reshape Your Reality Until You’re Completely Transformed

There’s no getting over the ‘implementation gap,’ but the minute you start to implement information at an even slightly above average level, your definition of normal will constantly change and you’ll always realize you shot well short.

You’ll continue to aim a little higher and work a little harder, thinking you’re ambitious, but then you’ll achieve the next milestone and realize you still shot short.

Eventually, you will realize that most things are actually possible.

You won’t look at any goal as too big, but rather you’ll know that each goal in life requires a specific amount of time and effort.

From there, knowing that you’re motivated, you can decide whether or not you want to pursue certain goals. And you’ll probably come to realize that you don’t need entire world domination to be happy.

You’ll know that you can make 100 million dollars, but you might decide you just don’t want to sacrifice that much of your life to do it.

You’ll know that you could have a ten pack, but you’ll decide you just want to be in decent shape.

Overall, you’ll be happier with what you have due to the fact that you know deep down in your heart that you could have more if you really felt like it. Abundance doesn’t come from thought, it comes from your actual reality.

See, that’s the thing, you don’t want to live the pipe dream all the way necessarily — Lambos, yachts, giant mansions, etc, but you’ll never know what your real appetite is until you push yourself.

Better to overshoot and realize it wasn’t what you really wanted than to have to wonder for the rest of your life.

That’s what kills you…the wondering.

You can say all these little statements to yourself about how you’re content, but unless the way you’re currently living your life is optional, you can’t say that to yourself in an honest way. It’s easy to say you don’t want a lot of money when you don’t know how to get more.

It’s easy to say you don’t want to build a business when you’ve never tried. Anyone can claim contentment if they don’t really have much say in how their life turns out and can’t exert any real will over their reality.

Go see for yourself — patiently, slowly, gradually. Live your life like a video game where you only see what’s in front of you, but as you move forward new parts of the territory appear instantaneously.

Start with 90 days. Reverse engineer the goals for 90 days down to 30 and finally down to today and the present moment.

Then you start. And after the first time, you complete a session of ‘doing your thing’ and realize it isn’t going to kill you, you do it again, and again, and again.

It’s just that simple.

Grab your free checklist here The Ultimate Guide to Discovering Your Natural Talents and Strengths. Wanna keep in touch online? Follow me on Instagram here.

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