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How to Become Powerful Beyond Measure

Break your mental limits and become unstoppable

We all have quotes that hit us in a deep and profound way. The (partial) quote below serves that purpose for me. I come back to it at moments in my life where I doubt myself, feel weak, feel insecure, or am stopping short of what I’m really capable of.

I think about this often — how much I personally fear to be “powerful beyond measure,” and this is coming from someone who feels pretty powerful. These days, I’m focused and content, but I still want to take things to another level.

I want to take you to another level.

I want you to become powerful beyond measure and come at life with a level of…aggression. Often, we’re too meek. We shy away from what we really want. We tiptoe around as if there’s some grave penalty for being bold when there is none.

I want you to attack life in a way that you never have before.

I know these words can fall empty. This could just be another motivational rah rah message, but it could also be the spark you need to realize this important truth.

This is an extension of a post I wrote about believing in yourself. Here’s a quote from that piece:

On top of your talents and abilities, you have another special trait that gives you the potential to become powerful. I’m throwing around a lot of esoteric and cheesy words here, but I really mean what I say. When it comes to you, I mean it when I say this special fact about you.

You are divine. We all don’t agree about where we come from, who or what made us, or exactly what we’re doing here, but one thing is certain. All of this is a miracle. When you think about life deeply, you understand just how insane of a miracle it is.

You are an extension of that miracle. I don’t say this lightly so don’t take it lightly. Whatever the origin of all of this is…that energy is balled up inside of you. You are literally made from this material. Whether or not you do something with it is on you.

I’ve become much more philosophical as time goes on. At first, I looked at motivation, accomplishment, and achievement in a very worldly way. I wanted to be productive, earn money, gain status, etc.

Now? In the non cheesiest way I can possibly state this, I feel like I’m expressing the divine energy running through me. When I write, I enter this flow state and feel like I'm beaming energy your way. Often, I don’t even feel like I’m actually the one writing.

It’s like I’m possessed. I never want you to read my words. I want you to feel them. I want to pass on that angelically possessed energy to you so that you can express it in your own way.

See, like the poem says, what you do with your life isn’t just for you. When you start meaningful projects, work on mastering a craft day in and out, focus on providing value for those around you, increase your confidence, build momentum, and follow through, you don’t just “accomplish a dream.” You create an energy field around you that beams light onto others.

Think I’m being esoteric? Just think about it. You’ve been around someone with great energy. You’ve felt it. Same thing goes with negative people. They suck the energy out of rooms. The more awake and aware you become through the process of self-improvement, you help balance out that equation.

Again, call me hyperbolic if you want, but look at the state of society — positive energy is at an all-time low for certain pockets of society. It’s manifesting in all sorts of negative ways. The only antidote is a combination of individuals following their true paths.

The collective can’t be changed at once. Impossible. Don’t even worry about fixing society. Fix yourself. Become a radiant energy beam that shines light on others so that they can make their own individual changes. Then they create a cycle that passes on to others.

What do you think I’m doing with these blog posts?

I want you to be a part of my tribe, my online family, my community of the enlightened who are going to spread amazing energy through their example.

Pay attention to that last word. You don’t need to run around telling people how to live or trying to change the minds of people who are not ready or willing to hear your message.

Focus on your mission. For the first time in your life, commit to a level of work you never have before and pull this feakin’ thing off, will ya? Then, people will come to you.

We need to be shocked out of our grooves and patterns, awakened from our slumber, given weapons of reasons to fight the darkness in the world.

Maybe I drank too much coffee and meditated a little bit too long before I wrote this, but I’m just fired up. I feel like I can see things clearly. And I’m going to continue to share these lessons with you.

2020 is the year people will move into one of two camps:

Extreme optimism

Extreme pessimism

Steer clear of the political noise, media nonsense, and alarmist propaganda.

You don’t need that energy in your life. Your energy matters more than anything else— how you use it, the source it comes from, and the way it manifests in your life.

Yes, manifest.

Do I believe in the Secret? Do I believe you can manifest a Lamborghini from thin air? No. But I do believe that the power of self-belief combined with action runs much deeper than you or I could ever know.

Spend the rest of your life trying to figure out just how deep it runs.

That’s the recipe.

Ayodeji is the author of You 2.0 — Stop Feeling Stuck, Reinvent Yourself, and Become a Brand New You. Want a free copy of my first book? Get it here.

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