Hey Tom,

I’m glad you’re back writing about writing again! You’re 100% correct about the attitude you need to have to succeed. We were never entitled to all these views and we should be appreciative of the wild ride we got to experience in Medium’s hay day.

That being said…

I’m more bullish on Medium than I ever have been before.

I took the Niklas Göke route of going “all in” on the Medium Partner Program.

My earnings from there are out pacing all of my other MRR numbers from different income streams.

If you really want to buckle down and write your ass off every single day, Medium is still a very viable option.

In general, building a writing career is about persistence regardless of platform. I’m old enough in the game to remember publishing blog posts on the Huffington post when they had an actual editor who would revise your content prior to publishing.

That platform went away, so I found a new one. The new platforms fade or get saturated and I find new ones.

You know the “not so secret” secret to writing. Just write and tweak your work based on new insights. That’s it. It’s not hard. Just time consuming. Great piece.

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