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Audience, Influence, and Income: The Truth Behind Writing Success

How to succeed in 2020 and beyond

This is Obvious But I Have to Say It

Key to Writing Success # 1 — Audience

The 3 Step Method to Building Your Fan Base

Step 1 — Start a Blog and Sign Up for an Email Marketing Software

Step 2 — Create a Lead Magnet

Step 3 — Write posts on popular websites and link to your lead magnet

Key to Writing Success # 2 — Influence

Be Yourself

Lead Your Tribe

Key #3 — Income

The short game is when you write a book, put it on Amazon and expect people who’ve never heard of you to buy it.

Or when you make an online course and put it on Udemy.

Or Skillshare.

But the problem is that millions of other people do the exact same thing.

Millions of other people put their stuff on Amazon, Udemy or Skillshare [replace with any other platform out there, like Elance, Fiverr, etc].

And when you put your stuff on some of these platforms you’ll be competing with everybody else who’s competing with everybody else.

You’ll be competing with everybody else who’s playing the short game.

So what happens when you’re in such a tough competition?

You’ll end up losing.

In 99.99% of the cases.

Become a Top Medium Blogger

Write a Book


Offer Services or Products

The Bottom Line

Learn how to become a top Medium writer and make a living writing here —

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