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Do you ever wish you could go back in time and talk to your ‘old self’? Or do you ever wish you could go back in time and be your old self, knowing everything that you know now?

We’re always caught in this mental loop — thinking about the past and ruminating in the future. But how often do we ever take the time to use those mental projections to our benefit?

Think of all the times you’ve reflected on past situations and apply that same logic right now. What are some of the lessons you can learn from your future self, right now? …

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Wanna know the worst part about failing to achieve your goals, live the life you want, and overcome your challenges?

It’s not the lack of the outcome itself, but the fact you broke your agreement with yourself.

Each time you tell yourself you’re going to do something and fall short, you chip away at your soul one little piece at a time.

In isolation, none of these broken agreements are so bad, but cumulatively, they destroy you.

And they destroy you in a way that’s almost worse than total abject destruction.

See, when your life is just genuinely messed up and horrible, you can almost tolerate that more because you can’t do much about it or the odds are so stacked against you that it’s much easier to justify your situation because it’s justifiable.

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Form the right relationship with money

It seems gauche to talk about money when so many people are struggling, but I’d argue it’s even more important to talk about money now. Take away the materialistic reasons for wanting more money. From a pragmatic perspective, it’s massively important to have more money.

My buddy Sean Kernan just talked about this in a recent article he wrote:

My best-tip: save enough money to cover a year of living expenses, as fast as possible. Then, keep extending.

Saving isn’t just about giving yourself an eject button from a bad boss. Having that money gives you a sense of security. …

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I don’t work that hard at all, I really don’t. But I bet I’m more productive than you. You spend more literal hours working than me, but I get more important things done than you.

I’m absent-minded, disorganized, and keeping my apartment clean is like pulling teeth, but because I’m sure of who I am and what I want, I have you beat when it comes to true productivity.

You don’t have to be super motivated. You only have to be slightly above average and highly-aligned to the right tasks. To this day, I still consider myself a bit lazy. …

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Ever try brainwashing yourself?

How many times have you tried to set a goal and failed? You can’t even count…the number is that high.

You’ve failed to reach your goals so many times that, deep down, you feel eternally cursed to live the same life on repeat.

You look at the future and everything is…the same. It scares you, but you also feel like you can’t do anything about it. You have these little waves of motivation and have a little bit of hope, but then you fail again, which makes you less likely to want to try again. …

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You’re okay

How have the past few weeks gone? Are you on the path to fulfilling the goals you set at the beginning of the year? Have those resolutions stuck?

Or, have you slipped?

Statistics say you probably have. Your life history and experiences say you probably have. You’ve been through this cycle more times than you can count. Even if you’re one of the people who has committed so far, this advice is going to be useful for you if and when you slip.

What advice? Pretty much the same pieces of advice I’ve been giving you for as long as you’ve read my work. The recipe is the same and it has to be applied over and over and over again because you’re so prone to slipping. …

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Let these things go so you can thrive

My divorce forced me to reflect on, not just a failed marriage, but the mistakes I made in my entire dating history. Not even mistakes, per se, but attitudes that just weren’t conducive to happy and healthy relationships.

In the process of learning to have happier and healthier relationships myself, I’ve come to understand that much of the process involves removal, giving things up, and letting things go.

These ‘things you can give up’ apply to all sorts of relationships — romantic, friendship, business, you name it. …

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Painful yet powerful lessons learned from a year of investing

Nothing but green. After I made my first initial deposit into my Robinhood investing account, I saw nothing but green. I didn’t have much money in there, but it felt good to see the percentage increase day by day, and most importantly to see green.

Just seeing that color has a psychological pull on you. Watching your portfolio, in general, has a psychological pull on you. Some have said that companies like Robinhood are being manipulative because of the way they ‘gamify’ your portfolio to manipulate your emotions and make you gamble, erm, invest more, just like a Casino would. …

Quick and easy tips to keep you on track.

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Three men were laying brick. The first was asked: “What are you doing?” He answered: “Laying some brick.” The second man was asked: “What are you working for?” He answered: “Five dollars a day.” The third man was asked: “What are you doing?” He answered: “I am helping to build a great cathedral.” Which man are you?” — Charles Schwab

Achieving long-term goals happens when you zoom out and take a look at the long-term implications of your actions. This is hard to do. You can’t see the end of the journey when you’re at the beginning. …

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How to use strategy to improve your life.

There are two types of people in this world. There are people who focus on the way the world should work and there are people who focus on the way the world actually works.

Those who focus on the way the world should work often find themselves suffering for it. They ignore human nature and get blindsided by other people. They look at the world with an idealistic lens and never get ahead because they don’t understand reality.

Those who know how the world actually works are the ones that get ahead because they understand what drives people, they know how to persuade, they know what to say and when to say it. …


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