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Who’s to say what makes great writing?

You have many different styles, genres, and voices.

Do they have a common element?

Can you learn how to write well regardless of how much natural talent you have?

Is writing something anybody can do?

All of these questions boil down to one thing, really.

You want to know if you have the goods. You want to know if you have the seeds of greatness to grow into a bonafide wordsmith. …

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I’m not just going to rail against the education system and make some vague and empty statements about the education system being broken. I’m not going to devalue the idea of education in and of itself either.

Education has value. You can’t separate the success you have in life completely away from school. You have to learn how to read and write, do math, understand the basics of history, etc.

Sure, maybe you didn’t technically need to go to a school to learn all of those things, but your parents had to put you somewhere while they work.

You get valuable experiences from education, too. College is too expensive, but it does provide a great incubating period for young adults to be on their own and develop social skills. …

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Breaking news: no self-help writer on planet earth can tell you exactly what to do with your life. With 7 billion humans on planet earth, it’s impossible to create an exact description of success that works for everyone.

Often, I’ll write an article about using ambition to improve your life. Someone will reply back with a comment along the lines of:

“Yes, you want to have ambition, but not too much. Focus on finding the middle way. Success isn’t everything.”

I agree with statements like these one hundred percent.

Achieving your goals won’t solve all your problems. Theoretically, you can find happiness and meaning without doing a damn thing at all. Too much ambition can poison your mind and leave you on a never-ending chase for new heights. …


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