5 Deep Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re Desperate to Change

Contemplation + action = results

Ayodeji Awosika
9 min readJul 2, 2020


You spend a ton of time in your head, but how useful is that time? Mental chatter throws you off, constantly, doesn’t it? Sometimes you feel like you have little to no control over your mind at all.

Instead of trying to fight your racing mind, try using it to your advantage. Make that time valuable by asking yourself questions that will lead to a better life.

I use this process often.

When I feel doubts, when I want to move in a certain direction but feel unsure, or when I’m lacking confidence, I’ll ask myself smart questions to counteract negativity.

I ask myself positive questions when I’m fired up about a goal. I’ll ask myself how I can take things to a new level.

Either way, the questions you ask yourself are important because the answers to what you want are out there, but if the quality of your questions sucks, then you’re going to get bad answers.

“Why me?”

“Why can’t I get ahead?”

“What’s wrong with me?”

You’re always going to find what you’re looking for. Stands to reason you should always look for a way up or a way around whatever stands in your…