3 Easy to Fix Mistakes Medium Newbie Writers Make (Avoid At All Costs)

Don’t become another aspiring writer who quit

I get it. All of this is so new to you. There’s so much to learn, so many blog posts to write, and so much work ahead of you.

They Curse Themselves to Remain Broke Writers Forever

If you want to stand even the slightest chance of making a living, not just on Medium, but as a writer, period, you have to take your focus off of money for a while.

They Use the Wrong Source of Information

Would you take financial advice from one of your broke friends? Would you take fitness advice from someone who’s out of shape? Would you get surgery from a butcher? No.

They Make The Mistake Most Humans Tend to Make in General

This isn’t just a problem I see with newbie writers, but people in general. For whatever reason, aspiring writers tend to be extremely hard-headed. They won’t follow directions and they won’t get out of their own way.

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